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Advances in Equine Nutrition - IV
by Dr JD Pagan (Ed)

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About this book

The latest volume in this ever-popular series from Kentucky Equine Nutrition. Topics covered include nutrition, veterinary medicine and exercise physiology.

Ideal for students, researchers,nutritionists, veterinarians and all those involved in horses.


General Nutrition
  • Nutrient Requirements: Applying the Science
  • Making Nutrient Composition Tables Relevant
  • Forages: The Foundation for Equine Gastrointestinal Health
  • Grazing Preferences of Horses for Different Cool-Season Grasses
  • Carbohydrates in Forage: What is a Safe Grass?
  • Assessing Energy Balance
  • Beta-Carotene: An Essential Nutrient for Horses?
  • Vitamin E: An Essential Nutrient for Horses?
  • Equine Behavior: A Nutritional Link?

Nutrition and Management of the Performance Horse

  • The Efficiency of Utilization of Digestible Energy During Submaximal Exercise
  • Efficacy of an Herbal Feed Supplement in Reducing Exercise-Related Stress in Horses
  • Update on Bone Disease: The Impact of Skeletal Disease on Athletic Performance

Nutrition and Management of the Broodmare
  • The New NRC: Updated Requirements for Pregnancy and Growth
  • Oral Water-Soluble Vitamin E Supplementation of the Mare in late Gestation, Its effects on Serum Vitamin E Levels in the Pre- and Postpartum Mare and the Neonate: A Preliminary Investigation
  • Body Weight and Condition of Kentucky Thoroughbred Mares and Their Foals as Influenced by Month of Foaling, Season, and Gender
  • The Effect of Dietary Calcium on Indicators of Bone Turnover in Broodmares
  • Nutrition of the Dam Influences Growth and Development of the Foal

Nutrition and Management of the Growing Horse
  • Nutrition of the Young Equine Athlete
  • Development of the Equine Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Skeletal Adaptation During Growth and Development: A Global Research Alliance
  • Muscle Adaptation During Growth and Early Training
  • The Balancing Act of Growing a Sound, Athletic Horse
  • Body Weight, Wither Height and Growth Rates in Thoroughbreds Raised in America, England, Australia, New Zealand and India
  • Size Matters at the Sale
  • Thoroughbred Growth and Future Racing Performance
  • Managing Growth to Produce a Sound, Athletic Horse
 Pathological Conditions
  • Feeding the Atypical Horse
  • Nutritional Management of Metabolic Disorders
  • Pathology of Metabolic-Related Conditions
  • Recent Research into Laminitis
  • Colic Prevalence, Risk Factors and Prevention
  • Colic Treatment and Post-Colic Nutrition
  • Overview of Gastric and Colonic Ulcers
  • Insulin Resistance—What Is It and How Do We Measure It?
  • Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage
  • Food Allergy in the Horse—A Dermatologist's View
  • Beyond the X-Ray: The Latest Methods to Detect and Predict Skeletal Damage
  • Managing the Sick Foal to Product a Sound Athlete
  • Rational Approaches to Equine Parasite Control



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Language: English
Published: 2009

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