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Alternative Systems for Poultry
by V Sandilands, P Hocking,

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About this book

Recent interest in how poultry are housed and managed in order to ensure profitability, sustainability, and good levels of animal welfare, are challenging issues that commercial poultry keepers face, particularly where legislation is bringing about legal requirements for housing. This book compares and contrasts alternative housing with conventional and traditional systems for commercial poultry (laying hens, meat chickens, turkeys, waterfowl and gamebirds) with regards to welfare, disease, health, nutrition, sustainability and genotype-environment interaction.

Part 1 - Introduction, Legislation, Economics and Sustainability 

1. What are Alternative Systems for Poultry? 

2. The Impact of Legislation and Assurance Schemes on Alternative Systems for Poultry Welfare 

3. Politics and Economics

Part 2 - Disease and Health

4. The Effects of Alternative Systems on Disease and Health of Poultry

5. Production Systems for Laying Hens and Broilers and Risk of Human Pathogens

Part 3 - Village and Backyard Poultry

6. Introduction to Village and Backyard Poultry Production

7. Technology and Programmes for Sustainable Improvement of Village Poultry production

Part 4 - Waterfowl and Game Birds

8. Production Systems for Waterfowl

9. Game Bird Breeding, Brooding and Rearing - Health and Welfare 

Part 5 - Laying Hens

10. Housing and Management of Layer Breeders in Rearing and Production

11. Furnished Cages for Laying Hens

12. Performance, Welfare, Health and Hygiene of Laying Hens in Non-cage Systems in Comparison with Cage Systems

Part 6 - Meat Birds

13. Housing and Management of Broiler Breeders and Turkey Breeders

14. Alternative Systems for Meat Chickens and Turkeys: Production, Health and Welfare

Part 7 - Challenges and Opportunities

15. Nutritional Challenges of Alternative Production Systems

16. Genotype Environment Interaction: Breeding Layers with Different Requirements for Varying Housing Systems

17. Is There a Future for Alternative Systems?

About the Author

Hocking The main objectives of Paul Hocking's research are to understand and provide solutions to unexpected outcomes of genetic selection for production efficiency. Over a period of 30 years he has published over 150 journal articles and book chapters on these and related issues affecting the welfare of broiler and turkey breeding stock. The long term objective of his research is to unravel the genetic control of ovarian function in broiler parents to provide a genetic solution that will lead to a decrease in the extent of feed restriction while maintaining rates of egg production. His group has developed a model for inducing foot pad dermatitis in turkeys that has elucidated the cause, and suggested solutions, to this serious problem. Dr Hocking is the joint editor of British Poultry Science.

Sandilands Victoria gained a PhD in poultry behaviour and has been employed as a behaviour and welfare scientist at the Scottish Agricultural College since 2001. Her work focuses on finding ways to house and manage poultry that is sensitive to their needs while still being profitable for the poultry farmer. As well as conducting research and writing over 50 articles, journal papers and editing journal issues, she teaches at undergraduate and master's level and supervises PhD students. Victoria is on the board of directors of British Poultry Science journal, is currently senior vice president of the International Society for Applied Ethology and vice president of WPSA UK branch.


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ISBN13: 9781845938246
Format: Hardback
Pages: 376
Language: English
Published: 2012

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