Dietary Fibre: New Frontiers for Food and Health by J.W. van der Kamp, J.M. Jones, B.V. McCleary and D.L. Topping  - click for bigger image

Dietary Fibre: New Frontiers for Food and Health
by J.W. van der Kamp, J.M. Jones, B.V. McCleary and D.L. Topping


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About this book

Dietary fibre - new frontiers for food and health covers the most up-to-date research available on dietary fibre.

Dietary fibre research is rapidly evolving and is stimulated by the growing attention for intestinal health which is needed for combating major disorders such as diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases and obesity. Current research also explores relationships between fibres, the immune system and stress.

The recently agreed EU and CODEX definitions for dietary fibre - including all polymeric carbohydrates not digested in the small intestine - provide both clarity and new challenges regarding adequate analysis and concerning the requirements for added fibre. Added fibre should have 'a physical effect of benefit to health as demonstrated by generally accepted scientific evidence to competent authorities'.

Novel research tools from genomics toolboxes and advanced systems simulating the gastro-intestinal tract, are enabling researchers to obtain insights in the wide range of structure function relationships of different types of dietary fibre. These include the impact of dietary fibre on the gut microbiota and relationships between prebiotics and peptides involved in regulation of satiety and other functions. New technologies steadily increase the range of fibres, with and without anti-oxidants and other beneficial co-passengers, which are available to food processors.

Ideal for scientists and technologists involved in research and development in this field.



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ISBN13: 9789086861286
Format: Hardback
Pages: 400
Language: English
Published: 2010

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