Gaining the Edge in Pork and Poultry Production by J.Taylor-Pickard, P.Spring   - click for bigger image

Gaining the Edge in Pork and Poultry Production
by J.Taylor-Pickard, P.Spring

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About this book

Globally, pork and poultry production has become an extremely competitive industry.

There is now more pork consumed in the world than any other meat, yet there is still intense competition for the industry to attract and retain consumers. Consumers continue to demand safe, high quality pork and poultry products at competitive prices compared to other high protein food alternatives.

To ensure sustainability of both the pig and poultry industries, producers must endeavour to seek new technologies to improve production efficiency whilst lowering the cost of production and producing a quality product.

This edited collection of articles is taken from a series of seminars that brought together some of the world's leading authorities in the field of pig and poultry nutrition and production. The fundamental theme is to re-examine the current trends in productivity within the pig and poultry industries, and to identify nutritional and managerial means to improve competitiveness as well as the quality of the end product.

The importance of animal health together with novel strategies for disease control and ways to minimise the environmental impact of pig and poultry production are covered.

Ideal for nutritionists and animal producers as well as students and researchers studying animal and applied biological sciences.




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ISBN13: 9789086860180
Format: Hardback
Pages: 288
Language: English
Published: 2007

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