How To Control Somatic Cell Counts - A Guide to Mastitis by Peter Edmondson  - click for bigger image

How To Control Somatic Cell Counts - A Guide to Mastitis
by Peter Edmondson

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About this book

How to control somatic cell counts’ is intended to give the reader a thorough understanding about the cause and importance of somatic cells to the farmer, milk buyer and the cow. 

It is written by a vet who spends his time resolving mastitis problems. It should be of great value to farmers and vets who are involved in mastitis control. 

The book gives complete understanding of cell counts, the bacteria that cause them, how infection is spread and most importantly how they are controlled. It is filled with lots of practical advice and tips for farmers to achieve and maintain a low cell count herd.

Topics covered in depth:
  • Cause and importance of somatic cells to the farmer, 
  • Milk buyer and the cow
  • Factors affecting cell counts
  • Economic impact of high cell counts
  • The importance of bacteriology and individual cell count testing
  • Comparison of the different testing methods
  • How to achieve a low cell count
  • How to stop the spread of infection
  • Advice on decision making for problem cows
  • Introduction
  • Cell Counts
  • Bacteria
  • Cell count testing
  • Bacteriology
  • How to get a low herd cell count
  • Stopping the spread
  • Managing the problem cow
  • Top tips
  • Appendices
  • Glossary



About the Author

Peter Edmondson us a practising dairy vet who has been specialising in mastitis and milk quality work for the past 30 years. He qualified from Trinity College Dublin in Ireland in 1980. After five years in practice in Ireland, he joined Almarai working with very large dairy herds in saudi Arabia and China. He then joined the Shepton Veterinary Group, a specialist dairy practice in Somerset England.

Peter divides his time between veterinary practice and working for dairy, agri and pharmaceutical businesses throughout the world. He has excellent communication skills and is in demand to speak at international conferences. He is a very popular trainer of vets, farmers, technical and sales staff adn is renowned for his practical and downt o earth approach. He carries out referral visits across the world using his practical problem solving skills.

Peter is a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Registered Specialist in Cattle Health & Production and is a Doplomate of the European College of Bovine Herd Medicine. He has co-authored books and is a regular contributor to veterinary and farming press.

Peter is involved in transferring skills and technology to help the developing dairy world. He leads the XLVets FarmSkills Africa programme and spends a lot of time carrying out voluntary work in Africa.


Submitted by: Owen Atkinson MRCVS Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Diplomate in Cattle Health and Production

19 Sep 2014

Peter Edmondson's new book on controlling cell counts is written in a highly practical style, and illustrated with excellent photographs.

The information contained is detailed and up-to-date, whilst remaining very accessible and easy to digest. Overall, this is an excellent book which will valuable to dairy farmers worldwide, whatever the system, in order to produce high quality milk.

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