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Mastitis Pack Offer
by Peter Edmondson

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About this book

How to Control Somatic Cell Counts

How to control somatic cell counts’ is intended to give the reader a thorough understanding about the cause and importance of somatic cells to the farmer, milk buyer and the cow. It is written by a vet who spends his time resolving mastitis problems. It should be of great value to farmers and vets who are involved in mastitis control. The book gives complete understanding of cell counts, the bacteria that cause them, how infection is spread and most importantly how they are controlled. It is filled with lots of practical advice and tips for farmers to achieve and maintain a low cell count herd.


  • Introduction
  • Cell Counts
  • Bacteria
  • Cell count testing
  • Bacteriology
  • How to get a low herd cell count
  • Stopping the spread
  • Managing the problem cow
  • Top tips
  • Appendices
  • Glossary


How to Control Clinicial Mastitis

This is the second mastitis handbook to offer practical advice to help control clinical mastitis. The aim is to give the reader a thorough understanding of the bacteria that cause clinical mastitis, how these enter the udder and how to prevent infections occurring. The key focus is on practical solutions and there is an in depth explanation of the milking routine, management of the environment, dry period infections and other factors that can influence clinical mastitis. The use of mastitis records to help quantify mastitis and also pinpoint possible causes are described in detail, as are the economic consequences. This book is filled with photographs, figures and diagrams to give a clear explanation of the key points.


  • Introduction
  • Economics
  • Targets & Monitoring
  • Bacteriology
  • Environment
  • Milking Routine
  • Dry Period Infections
  • Other Associated Factors
  • Top Tips
  • Appendicies
  • Glossary


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