Nutrition-Based Health: Nutricines and Nutrients, Health Maintenance and Disease Avoidance by Cliff Adams  - click for bigger image

Nutrition-Based Health: Nutricines and Nutrients, Health Maintenance and Disease Avoidance
by Cliff Adams

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About this book

Good animal health is important for the efficient production of large volumes of low cost food of animal origin. Health maintenance and disease avoidance in animals raised for food is also a major global challenge which impacts upon human health and international trade. It is clear that the major route to maintain animal health and avoid disease must be through nutrition since therapeutic treatment of unhealthy animals is neither a desirable nor in many cases a practical solution.

This volume presents the concept of Nutrition-based Health which will become an increasingly important strategy in animal production. Animal feeds are extremely complex containing both bioactive components, the nutricines, and nutrients. In Nutrition-based
Health all these various components in animal feeds are considered in their relationship to health maintenance and disease avoidance.
Feed components have many effects upon animal health through modification of gene expression, control of pathogens and toxins, maintenance of the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract, support of the immune system and protection against oxidative stress
and the associated non-infectious diseases. Assessment of the health status of growing animals is also a major challenge in animal
production because the relation between nutrition and health is quite different from that between nutrition and disease. In Nutrition-based Health the target animals are healthy animals and the objective is health maintenance and disease avoidance.

Nutrition-based Health also responds to consumer and legislative concerns where the link between diet and health is increasingly under investigation. It will be important to demonstrate to the consumer that modern animal production pays suitable attention to the
health of animals as well as to their growth and productivity. There is considerable interest and attention nowadays directed towards a Nutrition-based Health approach for both humans and animals.

About the Author

Dr. Clifford Adams, originally from the UK, received his doctorate from the University of Illinois, USA and subsequently spent almost 25 years at Nutritional Services Director with a feed additive producer in Belgium.  During this time he developed various nutritional strategies.  These included; the concept of nutricines or bioactive feed ingredients, the Total Nutrition programme and the Nutrition-Based Health approach to animal production.  These nutritional strategies were published by Nottingham University Press in the UK.

In May 2007 he established his own company, ANOZENE Nutritional Sciences, based in Belgium, where he continues his research and writing in the development of nutritional strategies for humans and animals.  There is a particular interest in the relationship between nutrition and health and the Nutrition-based Health concept is now being further developed for application in human nutrition.


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ISBN13: 9781899043774
Format: Paperback
Pages: 178
Language: English
Published: 2007

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