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Ovine Meat Inspection - 2nd Edition
by Andrew Grist

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About this book

This book forms part of a series that has been designed to provide a study aid for students undertaking the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health Red Meat Inspection Certificate and other courses where knowledge of ovine meat inspection is required such as those for Environmental Health Officers and Official Veterinary Surgeons and students undertaking Veterinary Public Health courses.  It is hoped that it may also provide information in a ‘user friendly’ format for abattoir owners and producers as to the nature of rejections recorded by inspectors.

Wherever possible, photographs illustrating anatomical features and conditions have been included, the latter generally depicting severe examples of conditions. This is a conscious decision, arrived at after giving numerous lectures on meat inspection where I learnt that no two people would describe something the same way.

The section covering anatomy and physiology does not go into great detail; numerous other texts fulfil this function. The order that the bodily systems are introduced should not be construed as an order of importance.

The section covering diseases loosely follows the format of name, synonym, aetiology, pathogenesis, clinical lesions, gross lesions and judgement as to the fitness for human consumption. The diseases are listed in alphabetical order for ease of reference.
The Affections of Specific Parts and Conditions Encountered at Post-Mortem Inspection in Abattoirs is hoped to provide a tool for day-to-day inspection decisions in the abattoir environment, the former now updated to provide an guide to conditions encountered at ante mortem inspection.


  • Anatomy/physiology
  • Diseases of sheep
  • Parasites
  • Neoplasia
  • Conditions encountered at ovine post mortem inspection
  • Aide memoir-anatomy
  • Aide memoir - disease and causative organisms
  • Ante and post mortem of specific parts
  • Index

About the Author

Andy Grist is the Continuing Education Manager and part time lecturer at the Bristol University School of Clinical Veterinary Science at Langford. He worked for the UK Governments Meat Hygiene Service for 10 years as a Meat Hygiene Inspector in red meat, white meat and Wild Game abattoirs and was awarded the 2006 MHS Merit Trophy for services to meat inspection.

At Langford he lectures on Meat Animal Pathology and Parasitology to veterinary undergraduates, environmental health students and post graduates undertaking the MSc in Meat Science and Official Veterinarian courses.
Including 2nd Editions, he has authored six books on Meat Inspection that have been very well received.  Reviews may be seen against individual books.


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ISBN13: 9781899043569
Format: Paperback
Pages: 335
Language: English
Published: 2010

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