Tables of Composition and Nutritional Value of Feed Materials by D. Sauvant,J.-M. Perez, G. Tran  - click for bigger image

Tables of Composition and Nutritional Value of Feed Materials
by D. Sauvant,J.-M. Perez, G. Tran


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About this book

This book is the result of collaborative work between INRA and the Association Fran├žaise de Zootechnie (AFZ). The tables in this book present the chemical composition and nutritional values of the feed materials fed to the main farm species.

The feed materials included in this publication are used both in the formulation of compound feeds and as straight feedstuffs (concentrates and by-products).

The values of chemical composition were mainly obtained using field data collected by AFZ from laboratories specialising in animal feeding (the data base includes over one million values). The nutritional values result principally from experimental work performed by INRA and its partners.

The data used take into account the evolution in feed materials and nutritional concepts. Important characteristics have been introduced, namely net energy for pigs (growing pigs and sows), amino acid digestibility, mineral availability and starch degradability for ruminants.


  • The authors 5
  • Acknowledgements 7
  • Foreword 11
  • Construction of the tables 13
  • Chemical data and nutritional value 17
  • Nutritional values for pigs 25
  • Nutritional values for poultry 37
  • Nutritional values for ruminants 43
  • Nutritional values for rabbits 53
  • Nutritional values for horses 57
  • Nutritional values for fish 67
  • Biological values of mineral sources 71
  • Abbreviations 73
  • Tables of composition and nutritional value 77
  • Cereals 78
  • Wheat by-products 98
  • Maize by-products 118
  • Other cereal by-products 134
  • Legume and oil seeds 144
  • Oil seed meals 170
  • Starch, roots and tubers 202
  • Other plant by-products 212
  • Dehydrated forages 252
  • Dairy products 264
  • Fish meals and solubles 272
  • Other animal by-products 282
  • Processed feed materials: nutritional values for ruminants 290
  • Fats 294
  • Synthetic amino acids 297
  • Relative biological values of mineral sources 298
  • Index 303


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