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Behaviour and Welfare of the Horse 2nd Edition
by A F Fraser

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About this book

Horses play a unique role in human activities, for both work and recreation. From the ranch to the racetrack, an understanding of their behaviour and needs is vital for man to ensure their well-being. Providing a comprehensive, scientific overview of horse behaviour and its relation to welfare, this new, updated edition includes new developments in the understanding of the relationship between physiology and performance, and the neuro-chemical basis of stereotypic behaviour. It is expanded to address the important topic of welfare from both a fundamental and practical viewpoint, and will serve as an essential resource for veterinarians, equine professionals and horse owners as well as students of veterinary and animal sciences.



1. Development of Equine Behaviour
2. Sensory Faculties and Behavioural Roots
3. Neural Substrate
4. Behavioural Homeostasis
5. Eating, Drinking and Ingestive Welfare
6. Body Care and Evacuation
7. Kinetic Behaviour and Racing
8. Spatial Factors
9. Rest, Work and Transportation
10. Breeding Function
11. Mare/Foal Dynamics
12. Foal Function and Welfare
13. Development and Social Behaviour
14. Humane Control and Husbandry Welfare
15. Disordered Behaviour and Stress
16. Equine Culture and Protection



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ISBN13: 9781845936280
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Language: English
Published: 2010

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